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Does Your Heart Need Protection? Is Unemotional Sex Good for You?

image.axdDid you know…
That sex releases different brain chemicals in women than in men? During sex women get a large dose of oxytocin, the hormone that makes you want to bond and form close relationships. Sounds romantic, right? It would be, except that men don’t get the oxytocin surge at all, making it easier for them to move on without attachment. Casual sex comes more naturally to men than women according to author Laura Sessions Stepp, who explores the culture of hooking up in her book: Unhooked: How Young Women Pursue Sex, Delay Love and Loose at Both. Based on Sessions Stepp’s research, while casual sex feels good for your body, it can be and often is bad for your heart!

Further research from the Journal of Adolescence, Penn State University recently revealed that female college students demonstrated a decline in their self esteem after having intercourse for the first time, while the male students experienced increased self confidence; however, the males too experienced a drop in their self-esteem over time. Does casual sex bring you long lasting happiness? Not necessarily.

It appears that even with gender differences, having lots of sex doesn’t always equate to having lots of love, or feeling good about yourself. Could it be that unemotional sex isn’t as simple as it sounds? Maybe good sex as in sex that is good for you comes with real love. Are you settling for less?

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